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paleonet Origin of genus Globigerinellopsis and species Globigerinellopsis mitra

Dear all,

Recently I was playing with the CHRONOS tool which frequently
sends database queries to my TaxonConcept toy.  One of the
'demo taxa queries' I received many times was for the taxon
Globigerinoides mitra, which is fine..

When comparing the TaxonConcept search results with those of
CHRONOS I found that CHRONOS has listed a synonym called
'Globigerinellopsis mitra. '

I never heard of this Genus, which doesn't mean too much ;),
but I got curious and tried to find out where the name comes
from using several databases with little success.

The only hits I got was from literature databases was the 
Boersma, A. 1984 Cretaceou-{Tertiary planktonic foraminiferas
from the south-eastern Atlantic, Walvis Ridge area, Deep Sea 
Drilling Project Leg 74. Initial Rep. DSDP 74,501-523
But here the name is only used in relative abundance counts a
sytematic section is missing.
Other hits lead me to the PANGAEA database where other species
count data from A. Boersma are listed.

I am still wondering where the genus name comes from (is it a
valid name?)and if Globigerinellopsis mitra is really a synonym
for Globigerinoides mitra... 
Maybe someone can direct me to some reference(s)?
Thanks in advance,


Here are some links to CHRONOS/TaxonConcept/Pangaea if you
want to test the queries yourself:

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